Creating & Collecting

Solo Bachelor of Fine Art's Exhibition | the Craft House Gallery | 2015

A culmination of four years studying art and design at Grand Valley State University, this show represents my interest in surreal landscape design, earths tectonic processes, and material manipulation. Through the juxtaposition of the natural and the artificial, new worlds can be created that render scale as an imaginable idea and where materials can metamorphose into new objects, blurring the lines between the 'real' and the 'surreal'. Inspired by a child like sense of play and adventure, these landscapes question ones sensory navigation, inspire a creative drive to explore, and pull the viewer into a manipulated nature. Unable to decipher between what is the natural world and what is the artificial world, viewers become uncertain of reality and find themselves searching for answers.

Creating & Collecting is the launchpad exhibition for my future work involving environmental issues, landscape design, and engaging the viewer as an interactive medium in sensory exploration.