My work is heavily inspired by the world around me, focusing on current environmental issues and the process of engaging the viewer through sculpture and installation work. It is my goal to capture the viewer in a world that is both familiar and unfamiliar. Playing on the use of ones senses to describe what materials are used, and to define what is either artificially or naturally created. By transforming materials such as wood to stone, I am able to render massive scale on a much smaller level, providing viewers with the ability to imagine for themselves how big the work is or how small they believe it to be.

The most important element in my work is the viewer, they are the key element to experiencing these worlds in their own unique way. It is through their imagination that brings these landscapes to life, and their imagination that grants scale as an imaginable element of their choosing. I simply provide a vessel for those thoughts to take life. After all it is an experience for the viewer and by the viewer to discover and understand that the world is worth saving and we are the element that is going to make it happen.